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Interior Wallpaper

Interior Wallpaper
Interior Wallpaper
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Product Description

For providing utmost satisfaction to the clients, we are presenting to them the quality assured collection of Interior Wallpaper. Our range is outstanding in finish therefore add charm and beauty to the walls. Available in different designs, patterns and finishes, these wallpapers are broadly appreciated among the clients for their home decor. To maintain quality standards, we inspect the entire collection of Interior Wallpaper under the guidance of expert auditors.



  • Attractive designs
  • Soothing colors
  • Variety of patterns

Further Details:

Sooner or later, everything comes back in style. Or so they say. But even if fashion is cyclical, designers

always manage to reinvent and modernise the colours, patterns, materials and/or textures, bringing a fresh

new twist to the whole look. This is definitely the case when it comes to fashion. And interior design, too,

to match our changing lifestyles.

So now we know why there’s been so much fuss lately about vintage collectibles, classic cars and historic

mansions. We’re definitely not willing to give up the pleasures of luxury and comfort -on the contrary, we

make sure our environments feature plenty of both- but when it comes to interior design and decoration,

we often want to bring back the dreamy romanticism of days gone by. Many design enthusiasts will spare

no effort or cost to achieve that coveted, authentically vintage look. It’s an admirable endeavour, a testimony

to the respect and appreciation we have today for the efforts of our forefathers. Indeed, this trend is all

about paying homage to our heritage.

Absolutely Stunning

Arte has always had a keen eye for spotting trends in their infancy. Early on, it sensed that the market would

be on the lookout for products and techniques that would conjure up our nostalgia for the past, our desire

to reconnect with memory’s gaze. That’s how Amazone came to be. This brand-new high-end collection is

truly a work of art. Amazone is a type of wallcovering that corresponds exactly to the vintage atmosphere

we’ve just described. Good old-fashioned quality, expensive, perhaps a bit elitist, but the effect is absolutely


This high-end exclusive wallcovering is a far cry from ordinary wallpaper. First of all, it’s made of fabric, not

paper. And not your basic run-of-the-mill fabric, either, but taffeta. Taffeta, made of silk or synthetic fibres,

is a luxuriant fabric with a sheen on its surface. It feels smooth to the touch and is firmly woven, with one

colour in the warp and another in the weft, resulting in an iridescent effect that changes in the light.

To improve the workability of the fabric, the taffeta was deliberately crushed and then applied to a lightweight

non-woven backing. The end result is light, airy and as easy to hang as a regular wallcovering.


Because of its particular weave, taffeta always looks different, depending on the angle of view and the

light source. A wall covered with Amazone seems to spring to life and change according to its moods. The

Amazone plains are already stunning in itself, but Arte has truly outdone itself by offering several patterned

variants. Alternating wide vertical stripes. Decorative flourishes against a monochromatic background.

An elegant, sinuous, plant-like pattern, reminiscent of climbing ivy. The stripes, flourishes and entwining

branches were applied to the fabric using flock techniques. Tone-on-tone or with contrasting colours, take

your pick among the rich, modest and distinctive colours available. The colour descriptions alone will make

your head spin with delight: dark velvety black, rich chocolate brown, dramatic red -think velvet theatre

seats in deep-red shades- frozen chestnut, ivory, laurel green, bronze green, brick red, stormy blue and

rust. The flocking process makes the motif appear slightly raised, creating a soft, somewhat velvety texture.

This not only enhances the visual appeal but elicits an almost irresistible urge to caress and cherish it for all


Posing on Horseback

Imagine an elegant apparition from the distant past, her sumptuous dress with rustling petticoats

underneath, a most impractical outfit for riding horseback. Or the Amazons galloping side-saddle across the

woods. After all, a lady wouldn’t dream of straddling a horse…

Call it the high point, the climax, the moment suprême or just plain fabulous. With Amazone, Arte has truly

outdone itself once again.